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Art Wall Mount - White Background

Art Wall Mount - White Background

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Sand Art Wall Mount is our most impressive piece. A massive piece to bring an intense feeling of peace and serenity to any room or living space.

Is a completely unique and constantly changing piece of art. It will always make a different sand shape.

This Sand Art is a perfect and unique gift to surprise a loved one. It's ideal to add to any decor.


✔️ Artisan production

✔️ It can be hung on the wall

✔️ Brings calm and serenity

✔️ Surprise your guests with an original and futuristic decoration

With flow-times varying from a few hours to several days with a little practice, you can gaze it and get lost in its beauty for hours straight.

Did you know that the gentle movement of the sand relieves stress, relaxes the eyes and increases patience? Its dynamic movements favor the development of intelligence and improve mood 

Choose from multiple sand colors to match your interior and start your collection with your first ever completely unique and ever-changing art piece.

What are the sizes?
10 in (24 cm); 12 in (30 cm); 16 in (40 cm) ; 24 in (61 cm) 

What if my Sand Art arrives broken?
We will send you a new replacement immediately.  
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Nostalgic and Unique

Every Sand Art is exclusively handcrafted so that every customer will have a unique piece of art, which will allow you to witness beautiful random sandscapes every day.

Relaxing and Mesmerizing

Our Sand Art will help you feel more relaxed every time you look at it. Just turn it around to witness a mesmerizing flow of sand grains, offering beautiful shapes and resulting in a completely original piece of art.

A Wonderful Gift

Whether it's for Christmas, a housewarming, a birthday, an anniversary or just because, the Sand Art is the perfect gift for any occasion.