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Original Sand Art - White Wood

Original Sand Art - White Wood

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This is the White Wood version of our first design, a premium upgrade with a wooden base for a really high-end and modern look.

It’s the perfect piece to add to any decor, to put on any desktop or furniture. It’s guaranteed to amaze your loved ones, raise questions and curiousness.

Did you know that the gentle movement of the sand relieves stress, relaxes the eyes and increases patience? Its dynamic movements favor the development of intelligence and improve mood 


✔️ Artisan production

✔️ 6 different colors

✔️ Brings calm and serenity

✔️ Not available in physical shops

✔️ Surprise your guests with an original and futuristic decoration

Sand Art is a majestic beauty, an all-time classic, perfect eye-catching shape regally sitting on its own throne. 


Is a perfect addition to any Home, Office Desktop, Mantle, or bookshelf making it ideal for any setting. 


If you are giving this as a gift, you know it will be an instant hit! 

Choose from multiple sand colors to match your interior and continue your collection with your first ever completely unique and ever-changing art piece.


Size guide: 7 in / 19 cm; 11 in / 27 cm 

For reasons of functionality with water, only the base is made of wood. 

Any questions? Check out our FAQ here


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Nostalgic and Unique

Every Sand Art is exclusively handcrafted so that every customer will have a unique piece of art, which will allow you to witness beautiful random sandscapes every day.

Relaxing and Mesmerizing

Our Sand Art will help you feel more relaxed every time you look at it. Just turn it around to witness a mesmerizing flow of sand grains, offering beautiful shapes and resulting in a completely original piece of art.

A Wonderful Gift

Whether it's for Christmas, a housewarming, a birthday, an anniversary or just because, the Sand Art is the perfect gift for any occasion.